division™ skimmers

Versatile protein skimmers for up to 500 gallons/1900 liters

division™ skimmers are designed with the aquarist in mind and offer a host of unique features including a polycarbonate collection cup with built in handle, height based drain regulation, an innovative silencer, complete micro bubble removal, and air and water flow versatility. Its patent-pending base design and adjustable components make division skimmers the perfect solution to fit an assortment of sump configurations. They are easy to assemble right out of the box and start up in under a minute.

division™ 125

For Aquariums up to 125 US gallons/475 liters

division™ 250

For Aquariums up to 250 US gallons/950 liters

division™ 500

For Aquariums up to 500 US gallons/1900 liters


Unique Collection Cup Design

Impact resistant plastic design with molded handle and optional drain make for a versatile, highly durable collection cup.

Innovative Silencer Design

Versatile and highly effective air silencer design means a super quiet intake that can be placed anywhere along the drain spillway. Dual chambered for maximum noise reduction.

Additional Pump Option

The Secondary Pump Kit (sold separately) allows you to finely adjust the amount of water you want to treat. The Pump recirculates water and air on itself, reducing consumption and optimizing skimming. This increases skimming efficiency by up to 30%.

Complete Micro Bubble Removal

The addition of a sponge and sock to the drain spillway prevents micro bubbles that may irritate corals from being released into the aquarium.

External Pump

Allows for higher column volume with more contact time and surface area. Allows for easy maintenance of the pump at anytime.

High Drain Point/Height Based Drain Regulation

A high drain point means no resistance and a more stable level in the skimmer vs bottom draining designs. Adjust the height of the drain tube and drain spillway by turning the threaded rod to adjust the level of the water and foam in the reaction column.

Versatile Sump Placement

division™ skimmers can be configured in a variety of ways to best fit your setup. Turn the collection cup and the spillway to the front, back, or side. Additionally, the silencer can be positioned in multiple places along the spillway. Even the height of the spillway can be incrementally changed to achieve the best performance.

But wait...there's more

Cylindrical Column

Provides a longer path with more contact time for bubbles than with conical designs. This results in higher skimate volume and quality

Anti-Vibration O-rings and Rubber Feet

Additional sound-dampening features assist in silent skimmer operation

50/50 Air to Water Balance

Optimal efficiency in skimmer input

Patent Pending Compact Base Design

Designed with a compact footprint in mind to fit in virtually any sump

Operation is Independent of Water Level in Sump

Variations in sump water level don't impact the function of the skimmer

3 year warranty

division™ skimmers are guaranteed against defects of materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase, except for the pump’s impeller. This can be extended to 5 years by registering your skimmer. The warranty covers the replacement of the defective parts.

Technical Specifications

division ™ 125 division ™250 division ™500
Reaction Column Volume 1.9 liters/0.5 US gallons 3.9 liters/1.03 US gallons 5.1 liters/1.35 gallons
Collection Cup Volume 0.5 liters/0.13 US gallons 1.2 liters/0.32 US gallons 1.2 liters/0.32gallons
Height 45 cm/17.7" 53 cm/20.9" 64 cm/25.2"
Clearance Height 47.5 cm/18.7" 55.5 cm/21.9" 66.5 cm/26.2"
Footprint 21 x 11.2 cm/8.2" x 4.4" 25.3 x 14 cm/9.9"x 5.5" 25.3 x 14 cm/9.9"x 5.5"
division ™ 125 division ™250 division ™500
Maximum Load (extremely high SPS density) 175 liters/50 US gallons 350 liters/120 US gallons 720 liters/180 gallons
Average Load 500 liters/125 US gallons 1000 liters/250 US gallons 2000 liters/500 gallons
Sicce Pump SK 200 PSK 600 PSK 1000
Consumption (Watts)* 12-18 14-22 16-30
Air Flow MAX 200 liters/50 US gallons 500 liters/150 US gallons 900 liters/250 gallons
Water Flow MAX 300 liters/75 US gallons 500 liters/150 US gallons 900 liters/500 gallons
Recommended Water Height 14/20 cm/5.5"/8" 16/25 cm/6"/10" 16/25 cm/6"/10"
division ™ 125 division ™250 division ™500
Maximum Load (extremely high SPS density) 250 liters/75 US gallons 600 liters/180 US gallons 1200 liters/250 gallons
Average Load 750 liters/190 US gallons 1500 liters/375 US gallons 3000 liters/750 gallons
Sicce Pump SK 200 + Syncra Nano PSK 600 + Syncra 0.5 PSK 1000 + Syncra 1.0
Consumption (Watts)* 12-18 + 2 14-22 + 6 16-30 + 14
Air Flow MAX 200 liters/50 US gallons 500 liters/150 US gallons 900 liters/250 gallons
Water Flow MAX 400/700 liters/100/175 US gallons 700/1000 liters/175/250 US gallons 1000/1500 liters/250/350 gallons
Recommended Water Height 14/20 cm/5.5"/8" 16/25 cm/6"/10" 16/25 cm/6"/10"

A: Adjust the height of the Drain Tube and Drain Spillway by turning the threaded rod clockwise to raise the level and counterclockwise to lower the level of the water and foam in the Reaction Column. The level should be adjusted so that the top of the foam is at the highest level without overflowing. While this level will be very stable, it is important to wait a few moments to allow for stabilization of the system as a whole.

A: Fine adjustments can be made by turning the Air Intake Screw on the Air Silencer however this would should only be done when there is simply too much foam created and the foam cannot be controlled by lowering the water level by adjusting the Drain Tube and Drain Spillway from the aquarium.

A: The minimum distance is approximately 1 inch or 2.5 cm.

A: Salt creep on the air intake can reduce the flow of air into the body of the skimmer. Check the tubing connection from the silencer to the venturi. If there is salt blocking the airway, run some warm water through the tube. If the buildup is severe, the salt can be removed manually with a toothpick.

A: Is the O-ring visible at the connection point between the pump and the tower? If so, water will bypass the pump and the pump will effectively run dry. To fix this, tighten the connection point on the pump itself before connecting the pump to the tower so the o-ring is no longer visible.

A: Yes. The plastic ring can be popped out and the sock can be removed or shortened.

A: The Filter Sock and Sponge should be cleaned by gently rubbing and rinsing every 1-2 weeks. Though replacement needs will vary, the Filter Sock and Sponge should be replaced every couple of months.

A: The Secondary Pump Kit includes a Venturi Extension, O-ring, Connecting Hose, Venturi O-ring x 2, Hose Clip x 2. (Pump is not included).

Can't find what you're looking for? Ask us a new question. One of the experts from our technical support staff will be happy to promptly respond. You can also call 888‑732‑0003 (Monday- Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST) if you would like to speak directly with a technical support representative.

Check that the current on the pump's label matches the outlet current. The pump has a differential switch (protector) through which the nominal current must be less than or equal to 30 mA.

Never operate the pump without water to avoid damage to the pump motor.

Before plugging in the pump, check that the cord and pump are not damaged.

The pump has a type Z cable link. The cable and plug cannot be substituted or repaired. In case of damage, replace the entire pump

CAUTION: disconnect all submerged electrical products before doing maintenance in the water; in case the plug or electrical outlet is damaged, switch off the circuit breaker before disconnecting the plug from the outlet.

This appliance can be run in liquids or in any environment with a maximum temperature of 35°C/95° F

Do not use for purposes (i.e. in bathroom or similar applications) other than for which it was designed.

Avoid use with corrosive or abrasive liquids.

This appliance has not been designed for use by children or mentally challenged individuals. Appropriate adult supervision or persons responsible for personal safety is required.

Do not disconnect from an electrical outlet by pulling the cord.

The skimmer can only be used in the above-mentioned applications and is only for indoor use.

This appliance has no user serviceable parts.

7200 division 125
7200 division 125 Package
7210 division 250
7210 division 250 Package
7230 division 500
7230 division 500 Package