element™ Ca Calcium Reactor

Versatile, compact calcium reactor for up to 250 US gallons/950 liters

The element™ Ca Reactor provides and maintains a virtually constant calcium, magnesium and alkalinity ratio, which is critical to the long term success of reef aquaria. The element™ Ca Reactor functions by using CO2 to react with a calcium reactor media such as Seachem’s Reef Reactor™. CO2 acidifies the water flowing through the reactor and thereby dissolves the media which releases calcium, magnesium, carbonates among other elements and components of the chosen reactor media. A CO2 filled tank along with a pH probe and preferably a CO2 controlling system are required and/or highly recommended for proper functionality of the element™ Ca Reactor.


Easily Removable Inner Chamber

The inner chamber can be removed without full breakdown making it easy to clean, change or top off media

CO2 Recycling Feature

Make full use of CO2 injection by recirculating it using the element™ Ca's CO2 recycling feature. This also offers potential savings on the cost of CO2 canisters and refills

High Capacity Chamber

The reactor chamber can hold up to 1.2 Liters of your choice of calcium reactor media (e.g. Seachem Reef Reactor™)

Effluent Control Valve

Easily control the release of dissolved media into the aquarium. The water can be directed back into the sump, directly to the aquarium, or even a protein skimmer such as the aquavitro® division™ series .

Highly Reactive Probe Placement

Allows for rapid response by controllers to avoid over-shooting CO2 injection. Saves CO2 and allows for consistent and efficient dosing

Powerful External Pump

Allows for higher column flow volume with more contact time and surface area. Allows for easy maintenance of the pump at anytime.

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Check out this short video. aquavitro® element™ reactors. What to know!

But wait...there's more

Easy Maintenance

The element™ Ca can be quickly and easily dismantled for maintenance and thorough cleaning.

Anti-Vibration O-rings and Rubber Feet

Additional sound-dampening features assist in silent skimmer operation

Setup Versatility

The element™ Ca can be setup in three different configurations based on preference and placement within the system being run.

Patent Pending Compact Base Design

Designed with a compact footprint in mind to fit in virtually any sump

Operation is Independent of Water Level in Sump

Variations in sump water level don't impact the function of the skimmer

3 year warranty

The element™ Ca is guaranteed against defects of materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase, except for the pump’s impeller. This can be extended to 5 years by registering your skimmer. The warranty covers the replacement of the defective parts.

Setup Versatility

The element™ Ca has the flexibility to be setup in three different configurations for managing the effluent and CO2 connections. This is a key highlight of the element's™ modularity and versatility.

Option 1 simply utilizes the connections as described in the instruction manual included with your element™ Ca Reactor. Option 2 reverses these connections. Choosing between the two will be largely a personal preference, but factors to consider are how convenient CO2 regulation is setup for the system or where the effluent line might be better located. Additionally, in practice, some might find better management of CO2 recovery in one or the other.

If CO2 recovery is of primary concern, then Option 3 might be the better choice. Using this configuration, the effluent tubing connects directly to the base and no CO2 is lost. However, it is still beneficial to direct the effluent flow from the tubing into a protein skimmer such as the aquavitro® division™ series or to a point where there is consistent water surface disruption, ensuring that any possible CO2 is driven out of solution or that low pH water has its pH increased in value before flowing back to the aquarium

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

Technical Specifications

element™ Ca element™ M element™ Z
Reactor Column Volume 1.9 liters/0.5 US gallons 1.9 liters/0.5 US gallons 1.9 liters/0.5 US gallons
Reactor Chamber Volume 1.2 liters/0.35 US gallons 1.2 liters/0.35 US gallons 1.2 liters/0.35 US gallons
Height 36.3 cm/14.3" 43.5 cm/17.1" 43.5 cm/17.1"
Clearance Height 42 cm/16.5" 46 cm/18.1" 46 cm/18.1"
Footprint 21 x 11 cm/8.2" x 4.4" 21 x 11 cm/8.2" x 4.4" 21 x 11 cm/8.2" x 4.4"
element™ Ca element™ M element™ Z
Maximum Aquarium Size 950 liters/250 US gallons 380 liters/100 US gallons 380 liters/100 gallons
Sicce Pump Syncra 1.5 Syncra 0.5 Syncra 0.5 + Syncra 1.5
Consumption (Watts)* 23 8 8 + 23 (backwash)
Water Flow MAX 1350 liters/357 US gallons 700 liters/185 US gallons 700 liters/185 US gallons
Recommended MIN Water Height * 14 cm/5.5" 14 cm/5.5"

A: Both the upper and lower chamber covers should be inserted with the teeth facing up. This direction is critical to proper flow. The reactor will not function properly otherwise.

A: No

A: Any standard design pH probe. Instructions for installation of a pH probe are included in the user manual.

Symptom Problem Solution
Calcium levels are too high pH is too low for the reactor media and is dissolving too quickly Raise the pH set point on the CO2 controller being used or slow the amount of CO2 input into the reactor
Calcium levels are too low pH is too high for the reactor media and is dissolving too slowly Lower the pH set point on the CO2 controller being used or increase the amount of CO2 input into the reactor

*For finer adjustments of Ca levels, flow out of the effluent line can be increased or decreased very slightly to very subtly adjust Ca levels.

Possible Causes Solution
The water level of the sump is too low for the reactor and the pump does not suck in enough water to work properly. Restore the minimum recommended water level in sump.
The pump intake is blocked. Dismantle the pump and check that all its parts are in order. Check the cleanliness and positioning of the impeller and any presence of limescale.
Lime and salt deposits and/or natural wear Replace the impeller

Can't find what you're looking for? Ask us a new question. One of the experts from our technical support staff will be happy to promptly respond. You can also call 888‑732‑0003 (Monday- Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST) if you would like to speak directly with a technical support representative.

Check that the current on the pump's label matches the outlet current. The pump has a differential switch (protector) through which the nominal current must be less than or equal to 30 mA.

Never operate the pump without water to avoid damage to the pump motor.

Before plugging in the pump, check that the cord and pump are not damaged.

The pump has a type Z cable link. The cable and plug cannot be substituted or repaired. In case of damage, replace the entire pump

CAUTION: disconnect all submerged electrical products before doing maintenance in the water; in case the plug or electrical outlet is damaged, switch off the circuit breaker before disconnecting the plug from the outlet.

This appliance can be run in liquids or in any environment with a maximum temperature of 35°C/95° F

Do not use for purposes (i.e. in bathroom or similar applications) other than for which it was designed.

Avoid use with corrosive or abrasive liquids.

This appliance has not been designed for use by children or mentally challenged individuals. Appropriate adult supervision or persons responsible for personal safety is required.

Do not disconnect from an electrical outlet by pulling the cord.

The reactor can only be used in the above-mentioned applications and is only for indoor use.

This appliance has no user serviceable parts.

7280 element Ca
7280 element Ca Package