element Z zeolite

  • Reduces Excess Organics and Pollutants
  • Removes Harmful Metal Ions like Lead, Copper, Nickel, and Zinc
  • Ideal for use in Reactors such as the element™ Z

aquavitro® element™ Z zeolite is a naturally occurring highly porous mineral with adsorption and ion exchange capabilities. These capabilities allow for the reduction of toxins and pollutants in reef aquaria when used properly. element™ Z zeolite will not deplete calcium or magnesium in saltwater and is highly recommended for use within any zeolite style reactor including the aquavitro® element™ Z reactor.

Sizes: 750 mL

Rinse thoroughly before use. Use no more than 750 mL–1L for every 400 L (100 US gallons) of water. Flow rate is important to effectively use element™ Z zeolite. Upon initial use, it is advisable to reduce the flow through the reactor to roughly 200 LPH/50 US GPH until the system adjusts to use of the new media. When used in the aquavitro® element™ Z reactor, this can be accomplished by dialing back the primary pump on the reactor by half its flow rate. After 4 weeks, the flow can slowly be increased.

It is preferable to utilize a wash feature several times daily, depending on the reactor used, to break up bacterial buildup on the media. With the aquavitro® element™ Z reactor this can best be accomplished by adding a timing device to the secondary pump to perform a wash several times a day. The wash of the element™ Z zeolite allows the media to remain clean and active while also providing a food source to various corals within a reef system. element™ Z zeolite should be replaced every 6 – 8 weeks depending on coral populations. It is highly recommended that chemical filtration such as Seachem’s MatrixCarbon™ along with a good protein skimmer, such as the aquavitro® division skimmers, be used in conjunction with element™ Z zeolite to maintain an optimally balanced system.

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7763 element Z zeolite 750 mL

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