shrimp tube

  • Refuge to ease stress and avoid predation
  • Provides protection after molting
  • Seclusion aid during the breeding cycle
  • Provides additional surface area for growth of algae and/or biofilm as a natural food source

Small shrimp, fish, and other animals naturally seek out seclusion from time to time to ease stress and avoid predation. Small shrimp, in particular, are vulnerable when they shed their exoskeleton, and female shrimp carrying eggs often seek out dark areas to protect themselves and their eggs. Without refuge, it is common for females to abandon their eggs. aquavitro® shrimp enrichment accessories are ideal for providing this type of refuge. In addition, they can act as a substrate for fine algae and/or bio-film to develop which are considered important food sources for many small shrimp.

1 Unit, 3.75 cm x 3.75 cm x 7 cm

Rinse under tap water before use. Place in aquarium as desired. May be used in fresh and saltwater.

What material is aquavitro shrimp furniture made of?

A: Ceramic

Can they be used in saltwater envrionments?

A: Yes, there should be no concerns in saltwater

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7078 shrimp tube
7078 shrimp tube Package

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